Join the Polypixel Clan

NFT Collection

The Polypixel Clan is a collection of unique NFTS that are procedurally generated. Each layer is made from hand drawn pixel art.

Minting of the NFTS will happen in seasons. Each season will have it’s dedicated theme. New items will be added to generate more unique NFTs. Frequently used items will be removed, to increase rarity of past mints. Because of the increased amount of assets, combinations will become more unique as the collection progresses.

Minting of our very first season will be on January 23rd 2022, 1 PM GMT. After that it will be up to the community to determine when and how the next seasons will be minted.

Minting information and a link to our collection on OpenSea will be added later.

Polypixel Clan NFT examples from season 1, the forest
Example Season 1 NFTs – The Forest

Why Join the Polypixel NFT Club?

Owning a Polypixel NFT doesn’t just give you a cool NFT to use as you please, but it also gives you some additional perks. An overview below.

🖼️ Unique NFT

Each of our NFTs is a 100% unique, procedurally generated NFT. Over 2 billion combinations are currently possible, and this will only increase for future drops.

🗳️ Community Driven

The holders of a Polypixel Clan NFT can provide their input for the project. The community will determine future seasons and we’ll build the roadmap together!

🛢️ Low Gas Fees

Our entire NFT collection is minted on Polygon. There will be low gas fees when minting or purchasing an NFT from the Polypixel Clan.

🚀 Fair Launch / Free Mint

Our NFTS will be available as a free mint to everyone at the same time. No whitelists, no pre-sales… All NFTS will be available for free (just pay gas). This gives everyone the same possibilities to collect an NFT.

🎥 Commercial Rights

Owners of a Polypixel Clan NFT are free to use their NFT for any private or commercial purpose. We’d love to hear how you used your Polypixel Clan NFT! The Polypixel Clan also reserves the rights to use any NFT for private and commercial purposes.

🩸 Airdrops

Just by holding a Polypixel NFT, you’re eligible and automatically participating in airdrops to owners and future mints. Just keep the NFT in your wallet and maybe you’ll receive an extra NFT in one of our airdrops!

🌲 Season: 1 – The Forest 🌲

Far, far away, somewhere not roamed much by the common folk, the Polypixel Clan lives. A community of 6000 people, living in perfect harmony with each other and with nature. They call themselves the forest clan, as they’ve been living in the rainforest for several decades.

Each member of the Polypixel Clan has their role to play within their society. Not one of them feels left out. The farmers tend to their crops and plants, the hunters hunt deer and rabbits, the builders make repairs to their houses… The clan has their own doctors, pharmacists… and even a voodoo doctor!

Today is another day within the Polypixel Clan society. As the sun comes up, everyone is waking and starting their daily lives. But not for everyone. The elderly are meeting today as they’ve got urgent matters to discuss.

Polypixel Clan NFT season 1 the forest
Season 1 NFT: The Forest
Polypixel Clan World Map

Our NFTS – 6000 ♀️ Clan Members

6000 unique NFTs are generated out of 78,988,219,200 possible combinations.

Background Decorations27
Number of available traits per layer

🧭 Polypixel Clan Roadmap 🧭

Our roadmap isn’t carved in stone yet. We’ve just listed some initial ideas, but it’s up to the community to guide is in the direction they want to see the project evolve.


Season 1: The Forest

✅ Create assets to generate unique NFTS (78 billion possible combinations)
✅ Create code to generate NFTS with unique combinations and rarities
✅ Create website, minting Dapp and list drop on other websites
✅ Create Twitter and Instagram
🔘 Giveaway to celebrate project launch


Future Plans

Because we’re a free mint, our future plans are based on the traded volume of the collection on OpenSea. This is just the start, we’re looking for our community input to further develop our roadmap together!

🔘 1 ETH volume: Large giveaways on Twitter and Instagram to get more members
🔘 2 ETH volume: Create Discord for clan members: chat & work on the roadmap
🔘 10 ETH volume: Rarity tool to check which clan members are the rarest

More is coming!